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Elbow Arthritis and hobbies, yes you can handle it

Elbow Arthritis and hobbies, yes you can handle it

When you suffer from arthritis and the affected area is your elbow, hobbies such as playing tennis or golf become uncomfortable. Many people suffering from joint or muscular pain quit doing activities they enjoy practicing. This is not a sign of boredom or giving up. It’s due to the pain arthritis provokes while performing the simplest things you used to love doing.

While arthritis does cause pain, the worst thing to do is stop exercising. You need to maintain the health of your joints and that is by working the affected area, and your entire body of course. And what better way to do it if not by practicing sports that you like? This is a great way to combine purpose with pleasure. And, to help you better manage pain and feel relieved, when arthritis affected your elbows, you can use the support of compression copper support.

The elbow wraps and the elbow sleeves

Copper infused compression products for the elbow, help you reduce the pain in that area and provide you with beneficial support while practicing sports such as tennis and golf. The elbow wrap and compression elbow sleeve infused with copper work by decreasing vibrations travelling through your elbow joint and by putting pressure to the elbow to relief and decrease joint and, or muscular pain.

When playing tennis or golf, using an elbow strap or a compression elbow sleeve, helps you enjoy the sport and discharge the pain.

Doctor Arthritis Copper Compression Sleeve and Handbook

Doctor Arthritis Elbow compression solutions

Doctor Arthritis is a medical company who has developed a range of copper infused compression gloves, copper infused compression sleeves and specialized wraps for the elbow and the knee.

These compression products work by adding mild compression for symptom and pain relief. Doctor Arthritis’ elbow sleeve and wrap help decrease stiffness and swelling, they increase the blood flow of the affected joints and tissues, they also provide comfort and support.

One important aspect to keep in mind is that Doctor Arthritis wraps and sleeves for the elbow are developed by doctors. They have been treating patients for many years and have created these products to target specific areas affected by the disease. They are made to wear all day long, to offer comfort and to relief the pain so that the person using it can have an improved and normal lifestyle.

Doctor Arthritis Copper Compression Sleeve Playing Golf

Arthritis is a painful condition, it holds you back from many activities you like doing but the one thing you shold do is stop. Don’t stop moving, don’t stop exercising, and don’t give up your daily lifestyle due to pain. You can manage it. And when it comes to hobbies and sports you should definitely carry on. Exercise helps you ameliorate symptoms. If the affected area of your body is your elbow and tennis is your favorite sport, you should not stop practicing it. Yes, you have to be more considerate towards what you can do and should not force your joints and muscles but by exercising it, your elbow has the chance to be healthier than if you quit moving it.

Hobbies make you feel good both mentally and physically. It is true that practicing hobbies can be difficult when your body is affected by arthritis but it also true that exercise improves the health of the suffering joint and muscle.

If the elbow is the body area the disease has affected, trust the reliable support of the compression elbow sleeve and elbow wrap from Doctor Arthritis. By wearing these products while playing tennis or golf, you provide support to the joints. You reduce the swallowing and the pain and you can enjoy the activity.

Don’t quit your hobbies because of arthritis, provide support to the affected area with the suitable compression sleeves, compression gloves or wraps. Enjoy your normal lifestyle and your favorite sports. Pain is unpleasant but you can fight it.


Laser Hair Removal Pros and Cons and the amazing Soprano Ice Laser

Laser Hair Removal Pros and Cons and the amazing Soprano Ice Laser

London based beauty clinic Medspa provides customers with several hair removal treatments and below we tackle the pros and cons of laser hair removal and the improvements brought to this treatment by the Soprano Ice Laser.

Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal Medspa

One of the most common methods of hair removal in the US and the UK is the laser hair removal treatment. While many women and even men make use of this procedure, one should always be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional laser hair removing process and also know that there is an even better solution for removing or reducing undesired body pilosity, the Soprano Ice laser hair removal treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Treatoment

Knowing the existing options and also the pros and cons for undergoing such treatments helps you decide the best procedure for you, whether we are talking about your skin type, hair type, pain resistance and even budget. Below you can find the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional laser hair removal treatment and also of the more modern, comfortable and more efficient hair removing treatment which uses the Soprano Ice Laser.

Pros and Cons for the traditional Laser Hair Removal treatment:


  • Fast treatment
  • Safe treatment (unless it is not performed adequately)
  • Less painful compared to other methods
  • Most people enjoy long lasting hair removal and some even hair reduction
  • Effective for removing the undesired hair from large areas of the body


  • There are side effects such as itching and swelling (which disappear after a few days)
  • Some other rare side effects can be burning, blisters, skin discoloration, or infection
  • More successful for people with dark hair due to it targeting melanin
  • Several treatments needed, between 6 and 8
  • Could be expensive

And then there is the Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal treatment:

  • The most comfortable and efficient method of hair removal or hair reduction
  • This treatment works by cooling the top layer of the skin thus there are no surface burns
  • Keeps the heat within the dermis
  • The procedure has been tested in a number of clinical dermatological trials and was proven to be safer and more effective than other hair removal, hair reduction treatments
  • Is suitable for all skin types and hair types
  • Treatment can be undertaken any time of the year

Soprano Ice Laser Hair removing

The hair removal process using the Soprano Ice Laser still takes several sessions for consistent results and it can also be expensive yet this is acknowledged to be the most comfortable and effective method of removing hair or hair reduction there is.

Always take into consideration the pros and cons of any hair removing treatment you decide upon, make sure to discuss it thoroughly with a medical or beauty specialist and if you decide to invest in such a treatment, the Soprano Ice Laser procedure will be worth your money.

2 skin treatments for moisturized skin in winter

2 skin treatments for moisturized skin in winter

One of the most frequent skin problem in winter is it gets dried and starts to itch. The low temperatures outside along with the wind and snow combined with warm interior temperatures and hot showers damage the skin bit by bit every day in these cold months. And since spring is not here yet you should keep taking care of your skin and even assist with its healing process.

Moisturizing is a must during winter time and while skin care creams to work, the dermis needs a bit of help to improve its own moisturizing process. While avoiding warm baths, using body cream, hand cream and

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Should you use Arthritic Gloves?

Should you use Arthritic Gloves?

A question that some people ask themselves is, should they use arthritic gloves? Let’s break this discussion down a little bit so we can get an understanding of what arthritic gloves are and when they are recommended for using.

The first step is answering another question, which is what is arthritis? The simple answer is that arthritis is an inflammation of a joint, often recognizable by swelling, redness and warmth. All of these symptoms point to arthritis so if you experience them or you simply want to know more about the subject then continue reading below.

Arthritic Gloves
Arthritic Gloves

Doctors recommend using a swollen joint as little as possible in order to protect it from itself. Also, hot and cold gauze applied to the swollen area is recommended but looking at the long-term treatment one of the most commonly practices is using copper infused compression gloves or arthritis compression sleeves. There are several types of gloves on the market right now and some of them use heat technology and serve as an insulator.

How can you buy the best arthritis glove for you? Well you will need to discuss your arthritis problems with a doctor for arthritis and see what recommendation you receive. The next step would be the actual purchase of these arthritis gloves and their regular use.

Don’t get beaten down by arthritis problems because even though they are mostly unpleasant is rarely life threatening or a very serious issue, however it should not be ignored. Follow the recommendations doctors give you and you’ll find yourself going on with life as usual.

Special face treatments for a pampered skin

Special face treatments for a pampered skin

As the windy days have come and your face needs to be taken care of, today  I am suggesting three different beauty and medical treatments for your skin that will help it regain its natural glow and make every person proud of their own unique and beautiful appearance.  All these treatments can be done at Medspa and they have special discounts this month, so both your skin and your economies will love them.

Skin and Beauty
Skin and Beauty

First treatment is Biosurface Peel which helps reducing acne, pigmentation and premature aging and turns your skin into a brighter, smoother one.  The experts

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Aesthetic medicine and laser surgery

Aesthetic medicine and laser surgery

Improving cosmetic appearance through conditions treatment such as wrinkles, liver spots, scars, cellulite, excess fat, skin discoloration, unwanted hair and spider veins it is what is called Aesthetic Medicine. Usually it includes reconstructive surgery, dermatology and plastic surgery and also includes face lifts, liposuction, radio frequency ablation and breast implants but also non surgical procedures such as chemical peel, non surgical liposuction or radio frequency skin tightening. One place recommended in London for these type of treatments and for Soprano laser hair removal is the Medspa Beauty Clinic. Aesthetic medicine procedures are normally elective and can improve one’s psychological well being and significantly improve life quality.


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Enjoying every ray of sun that softly touches your skin

Enjoying every ray of sun that softly touches your skin

Woman Body Beauty, Lying Girl Legs Raised up, White Cotton Underwear

It’s all about summer still and about enjoying every ray of sun that softly touches your skin. With August being one of the warmest month in the year there are still plenty of activities to do outdoors. No matter your plans, if you want to organise a garden party, is you are into water sports or want to breathe the fresh forest air, the one accessory you always carry around is your skin.

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Laser hair removal – what to consider

Laser hair removal – what to consider

The laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that helps smoothen your skin and get rid of the undesirable hair on your body. In the past years this has gain terrain over the shaving and waxing as it has longer lasting results and is less time consuming.

If you consider this type of process you have to take in consideration the pros and cons. Several specialized sites on the internet can give you examples of the benefits and the drawbacks of this type of removal. Best thing to do though is to ask for specialist advice before deciding to undergo this procedure.

laser hair removal Laser Hair Removal aspects

Here are some examples of advantages many consider beneficial for the laser hair removal:

  • The speed of the treatment
  • Safe and properly performed technique
  • Less painful
  • Long lasting hair removal or even permanent hair reduction
  • Effective for removing hair from large areas, but not only

The things that some consider being a disadvantage of the procedure are:

  • Some re-growth is to be expected
  • Side effects such as itching and swelling (which are gone after a few days) and rare ones such as burning, infection, blistering and skin discoloration (which are very rare)
  • Several sessions are required in order to obtain the desired aspect
  • People with dark hair have more success with the treatment – as it targets melanin, the pigment that gives hair color
  • The expenses

As an overall aspect, this type of procedure is performed by experienced personnel in experienced facilities, the quality of the hair removal equipment is high – but it is always best to do a background check on these two when you are considering any provider.

Considering the spread of this process in the past years, this method is thought by many to be more convenient and effective than the traditional ones. In an era where time is more important than ever the laser hair removal is less time consuming and also very important to a large number of people, less painful.

All in all, if you are taking into consideration this option, make time to discuss it over with respectable aesthetic and medical provider who can guide you through what the laser hair removal is all about.

5 ways to protect your skin

5 ways to protect your skin

Like everything in life, good habits can protect your skin against dryness, chapped skin and even skin cancer.

Why do you need to protect your skin? Because skin has a crucial role in protecting our body. You don’t need to completely change your lifestyle for a healthy skin and you’ll find out that small things can make a great difference.

First and foremost make sure that you limit the sun exposure of your skin. I know you probably heard this sentence countless times before, but experts would not insist on it if it wouldn’t be so important. The ultraviolet rays that the suns emits are able to cause numerous types of damage that you’ll probably want to avoid. We are talking about wrinkles, freckles, skin cancer, benign growths and so on. Next you head out to the beach or want to relax on your sunbed in the backyard do use skin care products that provide ultraviolet protection.

Make sure to use sunscreen every day, cover your skin with long-sleeved shirts and stay indoor during the peak periods when the sun is at its most strongest, usually between 11:00 and 15:00.

Don’t forget about tanning beds because they have the exact effect that the sun rays have on your skin.

At number two it has to be the hydration of your body. A moistly skin is essential to its protection as properly hydrated skin prevents flaky skin or chapped skin. So drink lots of water and use the right moisturizing lotion for your skin type and apply it after exiting the shower.

Also when taking showers, make them warm but no hot and within five to ten minutes. You may think that hey, if I want to make my skin moist then I should stay more wet but it’s actually the other way around. Long exposure to water can actually dry out your skin.

At number three we recommend to always take health precautions. Don’t share personal items or drinks with other people. If you recently used your smartphone (and you probably have) avoid touching your face with your finger before washing them. Telephone are probably the most dirty objects we carry with us twenty-four seven.

Number four: schedule for regular skin checks and treatments at trustworthy beauty clinics. Prevention is essential for a healthy skin and body. Take two hours out of your life for regular checks each year, it’s not a lot of time at its definitely worth it. A Beauty Clinic is probably the most straight-forward option for a skin check as they employ skin experts that can provide you with personalized advices on how to protect your skin, according to the type of skin you have.

Last but not least, and in close connection with the previous point, know your skin. Learn about it and remember if and where you have odd moles, freckles and consult a doctor if you see any significant changes (see point number four). Visit a dermatologist and get a check of any irritated dry skin or inflamed skin, irritations or rashes that don’t go away and learn those critical parts of your skin that need to be protected when you’re sitting in the sun.

Take a close read of the five points above and change a little, not a lot of your habits and who knows, maybe one day it can save your life. It’s a small price to pay for a healthy skin!

Top 5 good habits for a healthy skin

Top 5 good habits for a healthy skin

You know your skin is sensitive and you’ve learned to do everything by the book to avoid problems. But even if you have the same routine daily, every once in a while spots appear on your skin and you don’t know why. You did everything the same right? So why did your skin reacted differently?

Good vs bad skin habits
Differences of good skin versus bad skin habits.

There are several reasons and habits you may have than your skin can take for a while, but then it can’t take it anymore and problems appear. Below you’ll see the possible reasons why your skin sometimes decides to react differently and hot to foresee and avoid skin problems next time.

1. On a daily basis, start removing makeup with an antibacterial cleanser that your soft skin can accept. Cleanser with clouts make you feel really good if you have an oily complexion however your skin will be stripped of moisture and you’ll get the opposite effect of over-producing oil to compensate. Face wipes mostly spread dirt around so it is recommended to avoid them.

2. Make sure your pillowcases are clean. If washed less than once a week, pillowcases can gather a lot of dirt, hair products, creams, oils from your skin making it basically a toxic filled object with which you spend your every night; no wonder that your skin can’t take it after a while! So make sure that your sheets are washed on a hot cycle to kill any bacteria, germs or mites.

3. When you shower have mercy on your skin and turn the warm water down. You may enjoy it after a chilling day but your skin will go through a shock. Turn the degrees a little lower and have mercy on your skin.

4. Again returning to cleanliness, don’t think that we all assume you are a very dirty person, but dirtiness can be present even beside the most hygienic person due to some neglected innocent habits. This time make you that your makeup brushed are clean and yes, do take the time and wash your makeup brush at least once every two weeks. Remember that your skin will thank you later.

5. Last but not least, as this is problem only started to affect people life’s in the past decade, clean your phone screen. The majority of people ignore the bomb bacteria they carry around in their pocket daily, but actually your phone screen can be dirtier than your toilet. One instant message sent, then one innocent scratch on your cheek and there it is, a skin spot. Avoid this by cleaning your phone screen daily with a simple pack of anti-bacterial wipes.

Say goodbye to skin spots.

And there they are, five reasons that you probably didn’t think of, or you did but did thought you were right. Try to implement these healthy habits in your daily life and you’ll become a healthier person with a beautiful skin. Say goodbye to skin spots.