Special face treatments for a pampered skin

Special face treatments for a pampered skin

As the windy days have come and your face needs to be taken care of, today  I am suggesting three different beauty and medical treatments for your skin that will help it regain its natural glow and make every person proud of their own unique and beautiful appearance.  All these treatments can be done at Medspa and they have special discounts this month, so both your skin and your economies will love them.

Skin and Beauty
Skin and Beauty

First treatment is Biosurface Peel which helps reducing acne, pigmentation and premature aging and turns your skin into a brighter, smoother one.  The experts at Medspa are working with skin’s natural chemistry and safely remove dull surface layers, helping the dermis underneath regenerate smoothly.

BioSurface Treatment - Medspa
BioSurface Treatment – Medspa

The second treatment I am suggesting is the Deep Skin with NBE 3000. This procedure has amazing results in combating fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scars and rosacea and all these by improving your skin’s elasticity and hydration. This treatment improves your skin’s capability of healing itself as it stimulates cell division and micro-circulation and is suitable for every skin type.

Deep Skin Treatment - Medspa
Deep Skin Treatment – Medspa

Last but not least, how about a facial treatment to restore your skin’s natural glow? Sounds great, doesn’t it? So try Medspa’s Express D-Vine Facial designed to boost the authentic radiance of your appearance. This treatment consists of customized masks and a massage for complete skin pampering.

Facial Treatment and Massage - Medspa
Facial Treatment and Massage – Medspa

Most important, both men and women can benefit from these procedures so we can all indulge ourselves and help our inner beauty reveal itself again.

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