Summer blue

Summer blue

Realizing that we are heading towards the end of summer makes me a little unhappy, yet seeing people around me laughing, enjoying colorful ice creams and talking about all sorts of summer festivals that are yet to come, reminds me that is just the beginning of August and there are plenty of activities I can still enjoy outdoors.


I am planning to get together with some friends and knowing all these ladies are good looking and girly, I am about to undertake some procedures that will make me feel prettier. The other day I came across Medspa, which is a Beauty Clinic in London and I am going to arrange me a meeting with a dermatologist and then set me up to a Facial Laser Hair Removal specialist. While my tan is still noticeable, I am in the mood of taking care of my face these days and let it shine it’s most beautiful way.


After talking to some of my girls I decided to set us all up to a massage session at Medspa. I believe we all needed some time-off to relax and be taken care of so the perfect way to do it is to spoil ourselves with some warm and spicy scents in one of London’s favorite places to go. One of my friends has already been to Medspa and she confidently recommended them.

Beautiful woman having a wellness back massage at spa salon
Time out world, time for me!


I decided I am no longer going to let myself feel blue about the passing of summer and just have some good old quality time with my besties. Who knows, we might well just runaway for the weekend! Xx


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