Top 5 good habits for a healthy skin

Top 5 good habits for a healthy skin

You know your skin is sensitive and you’ve learned to do everything by the book to avoid problems. But even if you have the same routine daily, every once in a while spots appear on your skin and you don’t know why. You did everything the same right? So why did your skin reacted differently?

Good vs bad skin habits
Differences of good skin versus bad skin habits.

There are several reasons and habits you may have than your skin can take for a while, but then it can’t take it anymore and problems appear. Below you’ll see the possible reasons why your skin sometimes decides to react differently and hot to foresee and avoid skin problems next time.

1. On a daily basis, start removing makeup with an antibacterial cleanser that your soft skin can accept. Cleanser with clouts make you feel really good if you have an oily complexion however your skin will be stripped of moisture and you’ll get the opposite effect of over-producing oil to compensate. Face wipes mostly spread dirt around so it is recommended to avoid them.

2. Make sure your pillowcases are clean. If washed less than once a week, pillowcases can gather a lot of dirt, hair products, creams, oils from your skin making it basically a toxic filled object with which you spend your every night; no wonder that your skin can’t take it after a while! So make sure that your sheets are washed on a hot cycle to kill any bacteria, germs or mites.

3. When you shower have mercy on your skin and turn the warm water down. You may enjoy it after a chilling day but your skin will go through a shock. Turn the degrees a little lower and have mercy on your skin.

4. Again returning to cleanliness, don’t think that we all assume you are a very dirty person, but dirtiness can be present even beside the most hygienic person due to some neglected innocent habits. This time make you that your makeup brushed are clean and yes, do take the time and wash your makeup brush at least once every two weeks. Remember that your skin will thank you later.

5. Last but not least, as this is problem only started to affect people life’s in the past decade, clean your phone screen. The majority of people ignore the bomb bacteria they carry around in their pocket daily, but actually your phone screen can be dirtier than your toilet. One instant message sent, then one innocent scratch on your cheek and there it is, a skin spot. Avoid this by cleaning your phone screen daily with a simple pack of anti-bacterial wipes.

Say goodbye to skin spots.

And there they are, five reasons that you probably didn’t think of, or you did but did thought you were right. Try to implement these healthy habits in your daily life and you’ll become a healthier person with a beautiful skin. Say goodbye to skin spots.

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