Top trends for Spring of 2016

Top trends for Spring of 2016

According to renowned beauty magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle and Allure the top trends for Spring 2016 are :

The red lipstick, Snow White like, which is never out of fashion. This year, like never before make-up artists have decided on the shade like never before. However, no matter the shadow you choose, make sure you apply it with the best of precisions.
The blue eyed beauty. No matter the color of your eyes, this spring blue is the new black when it comes to eye shadows. The benefit of it? You

can apply it any way you want, from heavy lines to smoky blues… use this color to draw all the attention you need to feel special.
The natural tan. Enough said, looking natural and bronzed as if you have just came from a holiday on a yacht or white beach is a must have for this spring. There is no need to go all crazy and dark, keep it simple and light.
Statement lashes would be your thing if you like highlighted eyes. Spring/Summer catwalks showed of some long and dense ones which would match perfectly with the electric blue.
Getting back to the lips, a new element for the upcoming spring will be the vampire dark shades but, not just as simple as that, they will come with an ombre finish.
Let’s talk pink! Another favorite color, for both eyes and lips, is pink. As girlish as it gets, this is one color all ladies can be comfortable with. This color can get you an innocent and sensual look. Make-up artists have also used red pencils or lipsticks which were whipped of just enough to get the desired shade.
Are you an eyeliner fan? If you are, you must know that 2016 is a hit year for the lines along the eyes. You can draw abstract lines or play with the inner corner of your eyes, above the lid or on the inner lid, find new ways to play with your favorite beauty product.
If you grew up with fairy tales this new trend should be your favorite. Sparkles, sparkles, sparkles on your eyes. Weather you choose a pale shimmer or an intense color, dare to use the magical dust of the fairies and let it shine on your eye wear. You can get your inspiration from the spring/summer 2016 fashion shows.

Messy knots for long hair. If you are in a hurry or just love the ruffle hair do’s this trend was meant for you. Easy and fast you are good to go and fashionable this spring with this style.
The air-dried hair is another quick method to look fancy this spring. Natural curls will stay natural while native beach-waves will have just the right amount of messiness. Show it off once the sun starts melting the snow this spring and you will be a star.
Another amazing easy to do aspect is the hair dressing which will give you a chic and romantic image. Clips, barrettes, ribbons and headbands are statement items for this spring. You can wear flowers or geometrical shapes in different colors and sizes to look fabulous and impress. Don’t forget about doing a laser hair removal.
Last but not least are the hair braids and the hair twists realized in a new and fresh way. As all the other mentioned trends, keeping it simple is the way to do it this year when it comes to hair dos, but if you like to create an architectural look you can make yourself an amazingly beautiful hair bun for those special occasions where a sophisticated touch is all you need.


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